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    EO Dallas Entrepreneurs' Organization

    Hamick Asset Management LLC

    TJH Interests LLC

    Managing Partner

    Tim is managing partner of Hamick Asset Management LLC, dba hamick.co, a real estate investment company that specializes in the purchase of and investment in multi-family and multi-tenant real estate assets. Geographic areas of focus for potential asset purchases include Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and other markets throughout Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio and Florida.


    Tim is currently invested in 11 multi-family properties totaling 1,493 units and five multi-tenant properties totaling 198 units. He will partner with other lead investors to sponsor larger properties acquisitions.


    Tim is also managing partner of TJH Interests LLC, a real estate company specializing in the purchase and rehabilitation of single family homes. He's rehabbed and leased properties in Chicago, IL, Maui, HI and Dallas, TX.


    Tim has broad experience in property valuation, acquisition, rehabilitation, leasing, asset management and sales.


    For additional information please see hamick.co.

    Blossom Street Ventures

    Blossom Street Ventures

    Fund I, Fund II, Fund III & Fund IV


    Blossom Street Ventures (formerly DAN Fund) is a venture capital firm located in Dallas, TX. BSV focuses on mid-stage venture opportunities, defined as companies with $50,000 to $500,000 of monthly revenue and attractive year over year growth (70%+).


    As generalists, BSV invests in a variety of business, from those with recurring revenue models to services companies and CPG. BSV looks at traditional priced rounds, as well as inside rounds and restructurings / down rounds. BSV invests anywhere in the North America, especially in markets most VCs overlook like the Midwest, South, and Canada. BSV prefers leading Series A/B rounds and can also help fill out or oversubscribe a larger round.


    BSV is currently investing out of its 4th fund with a check size per opportunity of $1,000,000+. Capital is fully committed, decisions are made by a Board, and BSV can close and fund a deal in as little as four weeks.


    Tim, along with six others, serves as a Director and investment committee member for Funds I to IV.


    For additional information please see BlossomStreetVentures.com.